All members are required to register to the Laxa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Förening in order to be recognized in the Svenska BJJ Förbundet. This will require an annual payment of 100 Kr per year apart from the membership fees. The registration will enable members to compete in National competitions as well as receive insurance from the Svenska Budo and Kampsportsförbundet.

Payments for 3 month membership, 6 month memberships, or 1 year memberships are preferred. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE HANDLED AT THE GYM. PLEASE SPEAK TO COACH ANDREW REGARDING MAKING PAYMENTS.

550 KR/MonthAdult
500 KR/MonthStudents
300 KR/Month15 to 17 Years Old
200 KR/Month6 to 14 Years Old
150 KR/Day PassAll
1000 KR10 Passcard
400 KR/MonthMorning and Lunch Class 1 Month