BJJ Gi and Submission Wrestling Training Gear

What you need to bring with you to a BJJ and Submission Wrestling Class.

If the training session is a BJJ class, you need to bring a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi. It will ensure that everyone including yourself gets the most out of the training session, as many techniques involve gripping the BJJ Gi. Choose a gi that fits you well according to the brands size chart. Keep in mind that not every brand’s sizing is the same. You could fit well in an A2 for a Kingz Gi, but you might need a different size if you’re planning on getting a Rebelz Gold Standard Gi. It’s always best to try the gi out first. If this isn’t possible, contact the store you are buying from to get some help. Color of the gi doesn’t matter too much ( At least for our Academy it doesn’t). So go for the color and design you like. If you are brand new, do make sure to get a a white belt.

Submission Wrestling Gear is much simpler. All you will need is a rashguard and some training shorts. Avoid shorts with pockets or zippers. Board shorts are perfectly fine. For optimal comfort and performance, grappling shorts are best. Avoid wearing loose and baggy cotton t-shirts. This will most likely tear during training and it will absorb a lot of sweat. Another piece of clothing that isn’t necessary, but can also be used are spats or tights. You can shoose to wear them under your shorts as a added layer of protection for your skin, or you can wear them instead of shorts.

Lastly, we highly advice that people wear mouth guards. BJJ and Submission Wrestling are contact sports that do not involve striking, but accidents happen from time to time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Gear suggestions to look into for begginers.

Tatami BJJ Gi Nova Absolute including a White Belt

Scramble BJJ Gi Standard Issue Semi Custom V3 White

Scramble BJJ Gi Standard Issue Semi Custom V3 Black

Kingz BJJ Gi The One vit including White Belt

Rebelz Rashguard Gold Standard longsleeve

Rebelz Rashguard Black/Red

Scramble Shorts Base Choc Chip

Hyperfly Grappling Shorts Icon Black/Gold

Scramble Spats Base Woodland Camo

Scramble Spats Nostromo

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